7 Steps To A Successful Listing

DHREA 21/09/2017

If you are thinking about listing your property for sale here are the 7 steps for a successful listing:

Step 1 Fresh:

Anything you can do to make your home feel fresh is a good idea, decluttering your home of photos & knickknacks is a good place to start followed by a good deep cleaning and maybe a fresh coat of paint to a room that could use a more neutral color. Hiring a company to shampoo any carpets and clean ducts can help as well especially if you have pets, you really want to make your home clean and fresh for the potential buyers who will be visiting.

Step 2 Agent:

Choosing the right agent is very important, most agents will tell you want they think you want to hear to “win” your business but make sure they know the market and are not overpricing the home. This agent should be able to tell you a figure based on the condition and size of your home and be able to tell you what your home has or does not have compared to the comps that have sold, choosing the wrong agent can set you back on the goal to sell your home.

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Step 3 Staging & Pre-inspection :

It doesn’t matter if you live in the home or have moves out already we always recommend a bit of light staging to help the potential buyer envision what it would be like to live in your home, it’s the little things that will set you apart from the competition.

It is never a bad idea to get your home inspected before you list it and using that report to make necessary repairs, you should also make the report and invoices for repairs available for the buyers to see and your agent can add it to the MLS for other agents to download.

Step 4 Pricing:

The number one most important thing in listing your home on the market is pricing it right, the home down the street might have sold for $200k but how does your house really compare. Things like size of the home, finishes and the size and shape of your yard can either add or subtract value from your home. Other things like time of year and average days on market should play a part in where you decide to list the property, overpricing a home is one of the largest pitfalls for a potential seller.

Step 5 Marketing:

Your agent now has your home listed on the market and traffic should be coming, in our market the average new listing should get 3-5 showings each week for the first 3 weeks. Make sure you are making your home available for showings whenever they might pop up and we recommend you don’t set a “24 hour notice” or “no showings on” rules that will impede the traffic coming to view your home, you will need to make sacrifices to give your home the best chance of selling.

Step 6 Offers:

If you get multiple offers that is great! Make sure your sending out a multiple offers notice to all agents with offers in and make sure your agent is posting a multiple offers notice on the MLS with a due time and day to try to get more offers in on the property. If you are just getting a single offer you should always counter the offer to make sure you are getting the best offer the buyer is willing to give and before you reject an offer remember the rule of thumb is the first offer you get will be the best offer you will probably receive.

7 Getting to closing:

Your agent will help you through the process but the most important thing is the home inspection period, hopefully you opted for the pre-inspection so you have a good idea of what will come up on any report. If you didn’t then you will be getting a reply to inspection with random items that need to be addressed, this is a negotiable period so you can counter their request with a smaller list of items just make sure you are working with them to keep the deal moving forward.

If the buyer is using a government financing (FHA, USDA, VA) you will be getting a list of items that need to be addressed in order for the buyer to get their loan, we recommend you take care of them but if you really can’t these can be passed onto the buyer or the buyer will have the chance to back out and keep their earnest money deposit.

At closing show up on time with photo ID and it is always nice to bring extra keys and invoices or warranty info for anything you have in the home.

Contact us if you have any questions about this process or if you are interested in hiring one of our agents to sell your home.

412-939-SOLD or info@dhrea.com

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