#TBT: The Coldest Day In Pittsburgh History

DHREA 18/01/2018


When it comes to winter weather, the Steel City has been pretty fortunate in recent memory. We’ll never be known for having temperate winters (or remotely moderate), but the winters haven’t been terrible by Pittsburgh standards. But this year…

Let’s not kid ourselves.  It’s. Been Cold.

How cold has it been? Since Christmas, we’ve had 15 nights where the low has been in single digits. You can toss on an extra two days where the low was an exact 10 degrees, and 3 days where the low was BELOW ZERO.

It’s. Been. Cold.

Alas, when we think it’s bad, there’s always a time when conditions were much worse. On January 19th, 1994, it was much worse. Unless you consider -22°F comfortable or normal, 24 years ago today you were much colder than you are right now.

The “Blizzard of ’93” garners so much attention as one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic winter weather moments (even though it was in March), most overlook the bitter cold we experienced the year after. One day of cold temperatures can be rough, but the 1994 temperatures happened during a major cold snap. Four days in a row, the minimum temperature dropped below zero. And at the peak of 1994’s cold snap, temperatures stayed below zero for 52 straight hours. That is the longest time period on record with temperatures below zero.

Now that a heatwave of 40 degree weather is headed our way, Pittsburghers can rejoice and break out the shorts again. But don’t forget how cold it can, and probably will, get in the Steel City.








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