Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas For Parents And Kids

DHREA 13/02/2018


There are two kinds of parents: those that will always be prepared, and then there’s “The Others:”. The Others are barely scraping by and forgot that, just like when they were a child, their kid has 25 other kids in their class to prepare Valentines for.



“‘Member when we had to take Valentine’s Day cards to school? I ‘member!” – DHRE Staff



If you’re reading along and nodding about that second type of parent (or the joke), this post is probably for you (and me). With only a day left until the holiday that celebrates love and friendship, you may be scrambling to figure out what in the world you’re going to craft and assemble. Fear not friends, these three easy Valentine ideas will look like you put a lot of effort in, but really, you didn’t. As an added bonus, these are all junk-free/candy-free treats, and there’s no sugar high involved. I call that a parenting win! 

You Are Special

In a world where there is negativity all around, isn’t it nice to give a little positive reinforcement? Simply buy little tubs of Play-Doh, print the free template found here (“Doh-not forget how special you are!”), have your child write their name (or do it for them if they don’t know how to write yet), cut out the tag to fit the top of the tub…and boom! You’re done.


Kids love dinosaurs. And who doesn’t love a cute little dino figurine? You can find them at Dollar Tree, Target, Walmar, etc. This template uses a dinosaur eraser so it doubles as something useful for school, too. In addition to the dino, you’ll also need a hole punch, baker’s twine like this and colorful cardstock. You can find the dino-mite template here as well as the short and sweet directions. 

Color Me Happy

Crayons are cheap and kids love them. Why do you think they give kids crayons at restaurants when you’re trying to remember what it was like to eat out before kids. Anyway, crayons. This cute valentine celebrates friendship in a colorful way. Go nuts and buy a ton of crayons — you’ll want to use at least 2-3 per kid/valentine. Get some funky washi tape (these are super cute), print the template and you’re done. 


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