DHRE Advisor Spotlight: Ian Hoover

DHREA 13/03/2018

Every Wednesday, we’ll be spotlighting one of the fantastic advisors we have at Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors. The lighthearted conversations will cover topics ranging from real estate, to everyday life, to comical subjects for a quick laugh. In our first installment of the print interview series, we spotlight Co-Owner and Broker of Record at DHRE, Ian Hoover. 

DHRE: What lead you into the wild world of real estate?

IH: Real estate has been my passion ever since I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. I knew my future would be being a business owner and holding real estate. And, it just so happens I own a business selling real estate. 

DHRE: What do you feel is the most rewarding aspect to real estate?

IH: Helping people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a client that just pulled $100k from a cash out refinance due to a great buy and they call to thank me, or if it’s helping a first time home buyer who just wants to achieve the dream of home ownership. Simply helping people is a thrill to me. 

DHRE: Fill in the blank, and explain your answer. If I didn’t go into real estate investing, I would probably be __________.

IH: I really don’t have a “Plan B”, but I am really into technology. So, I would probably be doing something in the tech industry, hopefully still owning a company.

DHRE: Answer the age-old question, “Why Pittsburgh”?

IH: Pittsburgh is the biggest small town I have ever seen. Seems like every day I run into someone I know, or someone who knows me. It has a small town feel and most everyone is really nice to each other. Well, outside of the sports world that is. 😉

DHRE: Settle the debate. PGH or PIT?


DHRE: Tell us your favorite quote.

IH: “A salespersons best tool is short term memory loss.” – Ian Hoover. I thought I stole this from somewhere, but I have tried a few times to find it again and can’t, so I guess it is my quote!

DHRE: Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned gimmick infringement, am I right? Finally, ask yourself a question.

IH: “You’re a Cowboys fan?”

DHRE: Great question. So I hear you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan?

IH: Yes. If you come into my office, or look at my personal Facebook page, you will know pretty fast that I am a die hard Cowboys fan. It all started with #22, “The Legend” Emmitt Smith. And I never looked back. It is painful more times than it is cheerful, however they are always there for me every Sunday oMonday. (OThursday. Or Saturday. You get the point.)
I feel like I am a part of the team even though I am some guy sitting at home. Pick on me if you want, but they hate us cause they ain’t us!
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Ian Hoover is always ready to field any questions or comments you have. He can be reached at any of the outlets listed below!

Office412-939-7653 X101





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